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  • Frequency: 2 times/week

  • Duration: 30 Mins/Session

  • Validity: 1 Month

  • Frequency: 2 times/week

  • Duration: 30 Mins/Session

  • Validity: 1 Month

  • Frequency: 2 times/week

  • Duration: 40 Mins/Session

  • Validity: 1 Month

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The booking payment is refundable
if you opt not to take the course.

5-fold Tools for making your learning more effective & Fun!

Tool 1: Recording 

Simply record your 1-to-1 sessions and save them on your device. You can revisit and revise your lessons again & again endlessly!

Tool 2: Live-Chat

Use live-chat to understand accents & pronunciations of the new language. Exchange sounds in written form to get them right the first time. 

Tool 3: Design

Design your course as you progress. Our mentors will actively work with you to build upon the course structure & content that suits you the best. Thus, enhancing your learning experience manifold.

Tool 4: Choose your Mentor

You can choose your fav mentor! 

Tool 5: Learn at your schedule

Learn when you are relaxed and available. Choose your days and timings.  Weekly rescheduling is available too!

What our students have to say!

Tsering Lhamo, Ms.

I learnt a lot of unknown facts and legends about the past of Ladakh. Thank you very much for this opportunity of learning online!

Stanzin Motup, Educator

I also participated in Shawatale's online courses. It has been a good start to learn Langauge. I would recommend everyone to try them.

Andrea Clarkson, Ms

Exciting times! Shawatales is bringing very interesting and useful courses in many formats and subscription plans. Thankyou Shawatales Team!

"I want to thank you for starting these classes. Especially, online. It's great to have the courses available. So much appreciated."

 Monisha Ahmed / Co-Founder, Exe Director Ladakh Arts & Media Organisation / Dr, Scholar

"Shawatales have been impressively patient with students at different levels, or plain beginners, as in my case. The instructors infuse energy in the lessons and are passionate about their subjects. The course materials are well developed that explain language and its rules. Please continue with these courses as they help us learn online from our homes!"

Himraj Dang / Energy & Financial Consultant  / Mr.

"Learning a new language with Shawatales has enabled structured learning. Since the courses are 1-to-1 with a native speaker, my progress in learning Ladakhi language has been swift and effective."

Ailin Mao/International Sales & Marketing Manager at Kwando Safaris/Ms

Is teaching your thing?

Become a mentor at Shawatales if your are passionate about a language and like sharing your knowledge with the world!

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