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Shawatales Confab -with Prof. Roberto Vitali, a noted Italian Tibetologist and historian

Shawatales Confab -Live with Prof. Roberto Vitali, a noted Italian Tibetologist and historian
Sat, Jun 06
Interview live on Instagram & Facebook
Jun 06, 9:00 PM – 10:05 PM GMT+5:30
Interview live on Instagram & Facebook
A Brief of Ladakh’s History ---Periodisation of the Kings of Ladakh---The second diffusion of Buddhism (10-11th Century, as per the Tibetan nomenclature)---How was Leh settlement came into being---History of Sabu village and contentious Gyalbu Rinchen ---Were Mongols in Ladakh?

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We bring to you exciting stories, tales and legends from a region sparsely explored. And, in terms of literature, it’s a virgin blind spot for the world to be reckoned with. Our motto ‘Truth in illusion exposes ours and the mask dancer’s intent: storytelling that points to a greater truth. While the deer mask in our logo symbolizes the illusion, the white scarf between its horns is truth, creativity and freedom—our value system.


At shawatales, our unique blend of media and technology, help emerging writers, authors, artists, scholars and creative minds from the fringes to empower themselves and make their voices heard by means of books and other means of production. 

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