Frequently Asked Questions


Regarding 1-to-1 Language Speaking Courses:

Q1: I am interested in mentoring for 1-to-1 Speaking Practice Courses. What languages are you interested to have a mentor for?

ST: We are interested in major languages of the world such as English, French, Chinese, German, Dutch, Hindi, Tibetan and Ladakhi. If you speak any of above well, you can sign up and reach us out.

Q2: What do you expect from a mentor?

ST: Since 1-to-1 Language Speaking Practice is a conversational course, the mentor is expected to be good at speaking the language; USA/UK accent for English, clear diction, good voice modulation and a passion for the language.

Q3: Great, how long does a lesson last, and can I decide how many lessons per week/month I want to give?

ST: We have three formats of 1-to-1 Speaking Courses for all the languages; 15 mins, 30 mins and 60 mins. The clients can book a session in either format. Or, they can opt for either monthly courses, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months (all with 2 times a week frequency) under our subscription plans. You should be ready to take at least one session of either format. The longer commitments (1 month, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly with 2 sessions per week each) will be assigned as per your convenience and availability.

Q4: Can I register my availability (days and timings) and get the sessions assigned per that?


ST: Yes, you can.

Q5: How will the assignments be given?


ST: We will prefer the mentors who are open, flexible and committed to having a long association with us. The mentors with the above criteria, along with the feedback of the students, will be given preference while marking for assignments.

Q 6. What level are the 1-to-1 Language Courses are? I mean, in terms of Basic, intermediary or Advance level of the courses.

ST: The beauty of 1-to-1 Courses is that we personalise them as per the student's comfort and skill level. The course will evolve on a session-by-session basis and the mentor will work with the student into designing the most optimum and effective course. Although, we provide a fundamental theme-based structure of the course depending upon the student's booking plan and its duration.

Q7: How much will I be paid?

ST: We pay on an hourly basis. Each language has different pay-outs, hence it will be discussed when we get into the process of empanelling you as a mentor.

Q8: Will you be able to transfer the payments across the world?

ST: Yes, we can.

Q9: In case I want to quit, would I be able to stop whenever I want?

ST: After completing the assignment that you are engaged in, you can quit. Essentially, in case you aren’t on an assignment, you can choose to leave but not in-between.

Q 10: Great, where can I sign up/apply?

ST: Here!

On Helpline/Contact Details:

Q11: Where do I contact in case I wish to further enquire about Shawatales, opportunities, and its services?

ST: You can write to us at or call/WhatsApp at +91 6005907470

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