Following are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

On Payments:

Q1. How can I pay in a currency other than Indian Rupees!

 Shawatales (ST): Simply write to us at or just ping us on our chatbox!

On Registration of a Course:

Q 2. How do I register myself for a course?

Shawatales (ST): Find your course at our home page. Click 'Book Now' button of your course. Scroll down on the 'More Info' page. And, follow the 'Book Now' button.

Q 3. How would I know if my registration is confirmed?

ST: You will receive a confirmation mail from Shawatales with the session details. Please fill your details accurately (Name, Phone No, email) for all the communications.

Q 4. Do you have Demo (Free) Classes?

ST: Yes, first two of all our live online courses can be considered Demo (Free) classes. Following them, you need to pay the fees for the course if you wish to continue. In case, wish to first check the Demo classes, then write us a mail at requesting a demo class of the course of your choice.

Q 5. Do you have a helpline, in case I need assistence with payments/bookings?

ST: Sure. Please contact / Whatsapp at +91 6005907470 or write at We are highly responsive on your chat box at the website aswell.

Q 6. Do you have subscription plans in case I wish to learn a course for a longer period of time?

ST: We do. Our team realised the importance of continuous learning. For instance, if you begin learning Ladakhi with us, you would wish to continue the learning process. Therefore, we have a subscription plan with three types of membership a) Gold Membership (yearly plan) b) Silver Membership (half-yearly) c) Bronze Membership (quarterly). 


About the Courses:

Q 7. How are 1-to-1 live courses different from pre-recorded courses?

ST: 1-to-1 Live Courses are active learning, while pre-recorded passive. In 1-to-1 Live Courses, you will interact with the Shawa-Mentor live. That enhances the learning experience of the student. The course delivery, discussions in the class (with the Mentor), exercises, tests and feedback are highly personalised, all real-time and active (pre-recorded courses lack these features).

Q 8. What level are the 1-to-1 Language Courses are? I mean, in terms of Basic, intermediary or Advance level of the courses.

ST: The beauty of 1-to-1 Courses is that we can personalise them as per your comfort and skill level. The course will evolve on a session-by-session basis and the mentor will work with you into designing the most optimum and effective course for you. Although, we provide a fundamental theme-based structure of the course depending upon your booking plan and its duration.

Q 9. How effective are 1-to-1 Courses as compared to Pre-recorded ones?

ST: We found 1-to-1 Courses very effective as compared to Pre-recorded Courses. We employee 5 Fold Tools for effective and fun learning. The students are personally mentored one-at-a-time to help them acquire real skills in the language/ field that they wish to champion. The mentors (not teachers/instructors) actively manage the content, delivery, management and progression of the courses in tune with the degree of comfort and skill of the students, with an active, in-person and engaged validation and feedback process that keeps the students motivated and on track.

Q 10. What do I need to attend a live-course at Shawatales?

ST: You will need a good/decent internet connection. A decent laptop/mobile phone. Zoom Application installed on your devices (we use Zoom for our online courses). And, a curious mind, a board smile!

Q 11. Do you provide pre-recorded courses?

ST: Sure, we plan to. 


About the Shawa-Mentors:

Q 12. Tell me about Shawa-Mentors. How do you select them?

ST: At Shawatales we are bound by three promises to our students/clients. First, providing highly qualified and experienced Shawa-mentors. Second, bring you our courses/services at the best possible price points as compared to the industry. Third, to continuously improve our IT platforms & infrastructure to enhance your experience and convenience.

Therefore, all our Shawa-Mentors are selected very carefully and diligently. They have outstanding qualifications and credentials. For our language courses, we mostly hire natives and citizens of the country of the language. It gives a real advantage for our students to learn a foreign language as spoken and learned in a native community/country!

Q 13. How do the Shawa-Mentors deliver their classes?

ST: The Mentors use varied methods. They use white-boards/books/presentations or even live-demonstrations depending upon the need and call of the course.

On Helpline/Contact Details:

Q 14. Where do I contact in case I wish to further enquire about Shawatales and its services?

ST: You can write to us at or call/WhatsApp at +91 6005907470