A book of short story collection by Lhundup Gyalpo. 


The world has evolved into a bowl of variety. And, Ladakh, in spite of sitting in a little crevice of the grand Himalayas, epitomizes the melting-pot of different cultures, beliefs and personal truths. In this collection, the author attempts to capture this cosmopolitan spirit through six of his short stories. He masterly pits visitors and locals, who seem to be of different species if not complete aliens, and teases them into unique situations and circumstances. Each tale, thus, weaves an interplay of peculiar characters entangled in unique settings giving rise to oddity, comedy and, sometimes, strange solemnity. In doing so, he crafts a varied feel and texture in his writing for the readers to savour, reflect and remember long after putting down the book.


About the Author:


Lhundup Gyalpo is from Ladakh. He the founder of Shawatales and an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. His stories have appeared in 'Indian Literature' journal of Sahitya Akademi, India. He regularly contributes for 'Sheeraza' by Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. Gyalpo was one of twenty-five finalist at LitMart, Bangalore Literary Festival 2018. In the same year, he was interviewed by All India Radio (Ladakh) for his writings.

Praises for the Book

‘What gives literary depth to his work is that he has chosen locutions meaningful beyond a superficial reading. His prose flows. And single words are pregnant. The style he has chosen is concise and vivid.’ -Prof Roberto Vitali, Tibetologist

'Lhundup Gyalpo has a sharp eye and is able to find inspiration in everyday life in Ladakh. He is highly skillled in weaving unexpected twists and meaning into seemingly mundane experiences, beliefs, and social rituals.’ ~ Sunetro Ghosal, Stawa Magazine

'Lhundup Gyalpo knows the art of weaving a short story. He employs characters and anecdotes from this surroundings and develops them into artifacts. His language is measured and austere with sparse vocabulary conveying utmost meaning. Gyalpo is a master writer in making' ~ Dr. Abid Ahmad, Editor, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages

Lhundup Gyalpo brings out the conflicts and confluence of modern world and traditional Ladakh. Far away from conventional literature of Ladakh, this piece is a breakthrough that is fresh, relevant and mystical’ Stanzin Lhaskyabs, Author, Himalayan Melodies

‘Going through the collection indeed lavish your soul with the taste analogous to butter tea. Betty's Butter tea, a collection of six entertaining yet passionate stories touches certain chords of human psyche with its diverse themes and hidden motives in the Ladakhi setting providing a fair idea of modernity and tradition, realism and oddity, mundane and exalted. The homogeneity of characters, the vivid style, and the author's imagination, occupy the reader into a space of contemplation. The book is a first milestone in the aura of Ladakhi Fiction in English after Abdul Ghani sheikh's Forsaking Paradise(translated).’ ~ Syeda fatimeh

‘Betty's Butter Tea ushers a new dawn in Ladakhi English Literature with it's vividly crafted plot intermingled with odd but lively character in the backdrop of green oasis and rugged mountains of Ladakh. This book has been successful in bringing Ladakhiness into the English language by writing about unexplored Ladakh, and it is surely a literary gourmet for readers.’ - Jamphel Sheyan

‘Betty's Butter Tea is a compilation of short stories.You would have emotional feelings about your hometown if you are from Ladakh and if you are away from home. Even if you aren't It will let you realise the beautiful and polite nature of people there, you would travel through the beautiful valleys and most importantly you would know what actually is Butter Tea to the people there. I finished it in one go because every chapter had a story of inquiry behind them. I'll promise you that you'll rate the book with five stars too’ ~Padma Angmo

‘Betty's Butter Tea gives a deep dive into the present Ladakh through six captivating short stories. The author meticulously weaved together various aspects of Ladakhi society with its philosophical underpinnings. It unravels the mystical and experiential link between the Ladakh and it's foreign visitors. The theme, plots, characterization and style collectively acquires a great literary excellence.’ Tsetan Dolkar

Betty's Butter Tea

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