This book is titled "Mist to Snow" is a collection of poems by Stanzin Lhaskyabs and TRM Momon. The book which represents the different states of water (emotion) and its journey from the misty and foggy hills of Shillong (Meghalaya) to the cold snowy peaks of Ladakh. The collection of poems are mere expression of moods and emotions keeping in mind the dispositions of the origin of the states such as the melancholic dwelling of the mountains and the hills of Ladakh and the Shillong Plateaus. The ever existing mists and fogs that may range throughout the months of the year along with constant showers of Meghalaya and the brimming whites and yellows of the mountain peaks of the great North Ladakh are inspiration that resonates with our emotions. Mist, Fog, Dew and Snow are, hence, the transitions of such emotions in the form of chapters of this book.


About the author


Born in Ladakh, Stanzin Lhaskyabs has been an educated-nomad ever since he left his hometown for higher education. Graduated as an engineer from Delhi University, he pursued Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and currently pursuing research from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Apart from this, he has acted as the lead role in one of the popular regional movies of Ladakh – Lasdel, a period movie, in 2009, which was later dubbed in Tibetan. He is a big-time foodie, loves travelling and exploring.

Praises for the book
“This book – which reads like an antakshari of verses between two persons from remote extremes of India – is an important articulation. You don’t have to like it but you may certainly want to read it for you never know that a day may come when margins become the hub.” ~Bhuchung D Sonam, Author and Poet

Stanzin Lhaskyab’s and T. R. M. Momin’s poems are heartfelt, sincere and immersive with a sense of loss of their cultural tethering as a consequence of the relentless advance of urbanisation even in these once isolated places of proud peoples whose circumstances both geographical and political respectively, were a million miles away from the currents of the Indian heartland. Stanzin Lhaskyabs responds to his reality philosophically while T. R. M. Momin is emotive and melancholic. This book is brave in its scope and a product of an evocative poetic partnership. ~Guru T. Ladakhi, Poet

“The poets’ verses flow and untangle complexities of our heart as if they are matter of fact. While Stanzin’s simple yet revealing poems touch readers at places that they never thought existed, Tamrelyne, in her unique narration, takes us to the darkest, yet mysterious, corners of our hearts and leave us in her sophisticated world. Here is the book, yet again soothing our society at its most intimate and urgent.” ~Lhundup Gyalpo, Author

Mist to Snow

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