Made of the finest Ghost Chillies (Naga Chillies/ King Chilli/Bhoot Jholokia) from Assam and Nagaland, Mürcha brings the extraordinary aroma of tropical foothills of India’s Northeast. Lovingly made from the traditional Assamese recipe by indigenous women, a drop of Mürcha is enough to fire up your palate!

Porlaboka- Mürcha Ghost Chilli Pickle- 200g

  • Porlaboka is a food and beverage start-up. Its primary focus is to explore the unique delicacies of the hills and mountains of India’s Himalayan belt. Though it's a humble beginning for Porlaboka, they aspire to be the leader in indigenous Northeast and Himalayan food and beverage industry fueled with continuous innovations and novelties in the gourmet segment.


    Porlaboka's vision is to empower the Himalayan regions economically, generate employment opportunities and take the indigenous delicacies to the world while protecting the unique social, cultural and ecological heritage of the Himalayas. 


    'Murcha' is a premium product of Porlaboka showcasing Bhoot Jalokia/Ghost Chilli which was declared the 'hottest chilli' in the world by Guinness World Records in 2007. 


    Try its hotness yourself. Order your own 'Murcha' Now!!!

  • 1) Shipping in India is free if you order more than 5 bottles of Murch Pickle. Write to shawatales@gmail to place the order. 

    2) You can buy a maximum of 10 bottles per order. Write to shawatales@gmail to place the order.

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