Home to some of the sweetest apricot varieties in the world, Ladakh is known for this vitamin-rich plum that tastes heavenly yet is low on calories!


Apricot is known for its high content of Vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, carbohydrate, amino acids, potassium and sugar. They are richly packed with Sorbitol --- a sugar substitute edible for the diabetics--- and anti-oxidants.


Our choicest apricots are plump, heavenly-sweet and scrumptious. Regularly consuming these apricots will have the following health benefits:


1) It's high vitamin A content will boost the health of your eyes. Some studies also suggest that vitamin A improves the immune system due to its anti-inflammatory effect.


2) Vitamin C content of the fruit makes it a good anti-oxidant. Thus, it helps in protecting cells of your body by damaging the radicals. 


3) Vitamin C plays an essential role in the immune system and helps in fighting viruses and bacterial infections.


4) A study found that people of USA get only 16 g of 25-38 g of fibre they need daily. Apricot is an excellent source of fibre that regulates blood sugar levels, prevents constipation and promotes gastrointestinal health.


5) Apricots are rich in Potassium, an electrolyte that enables nerves to function and muscles to contract. It moves nutrients to the cells and disposes of cellular waste!


How to eat?


1) Apricots are safe to eat raw after washing them properly.


2) Soak them overnight in your fridge, and serve it with yoghurt, porridge for breakfast or as snacks. Its fleshy-plum & extract can be used in cakes, ice-creams and even as pastry toppings.  


3) A bowl of well-soaked apricots makes a wholesome, organic and natural dessert.




This product is currently shipped in India only.

Premium sun-dried Apricots of Ladakh

250 Grams
  • 1) 10% discount on orders between 1 Kg - 2 Kg of Premium Apricots of Ladakh.

    2) 15% discount on orders between 2 Kg - 5 Kg of Premium Apricots of Ladakh

    3) Orders beyond 5 Kg will be discussed based on the location of delivery. 

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