Thikma’i Pabu are quintessential shoes of Ladakh, made of woollen threads intricately woven into its typical ankle-length shape with a raised toe-cap. They are handcrafted artisanal shoes carefully stitched for warmth, beauty and durability.


Pabu (shoes) making begins with the creation of cushioned insoles with intricately stitched woollen clothes for unparalleled warmth, softness and comfort. Its outsoles are of durable goat-skin. Pabu is classically styled with an attractive design called Thikma --- a circular tie-and-dye design with a concentric pattern of different colours on a strip of Nambu; hand-spun woollen fabric weaved on traditional looms of Ladakh.


Like any other traditional artefacts, Pabu is losing its relevance to modern shoes and sandals. It is on the verge of disappearance. However, artisans still meticulously make them in the remote villages of Ladakh. Today, as in bygone days, Pabu find wearers. However, they have evolved as a souvenir or a gift item from Ladakh. If you like to have something exquisitely from Ladakh, Thikma’i Pabu is a strong contender for cherished collection of your globe-trotting travels or for your loved ones back home as a gift with endless associated tales!


Advisory: By buying this product, you are reviving an endangered art of shoemaking and directly supporting an independent artisan in a remote village of Ladakh!

Thikma'i Pabu

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