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We are a digital market place for knowledge and skills (Shawa-mentors and Shawa-Partners) and a platform for their effective dissemination (learners and clients). We divide our services broadly into three streams;

  • ShawaXLab [Online Learning Platform]

  • ShawaScribes [Content Writing & Management],

  • ShawaByte [Web Designing & Development]​

  • And, at ShawaMart [online store], you can also shop handpicked and carefully curated Books, Art pieces, Handicraft and products from the Himalayas!

Know Us

Deer (Shawa) dance, a form of mask dance performed for centuries in the Himalayan monasteries, inspires us. Unlike other routines, Shawa dance stands apart for its vigour and vibrancy. Only a novice portrays a deer due to its unrelenting ask for zeal and an extra zing. As children, we would wait in nail-biting excitement for the nimble deer to appear in colourful silk brocade, bone implements and signature khataks (white scarf) entangled between its tentacle horns. And, each time, without fail, they would captivate us. Ah, childhood memories!


In the same spirit, Shawatales brings to you exciting content, digital design and online courses --- through engrossing storytelling. Our motto ‘Truth in illusion’ exposes ours and the mask dancer’s intent: storytelling that points to a greater truth. While the deer (Shawa) mask in our logo symbolizes the illusion, the white scarf between its horns is truth, creativity and freedom—our value system.

Welcome to Shawatale's World!

Shawatales Confab -with Prof. Roberto Vitali, a noted Italian Tibetologist and historian


At Shawatales, our unique blend of multi-media and technology, help emerging writers, authors, artists, scholars and creative minds to empower themselves through the means of writing, online learning platform and other digital productions. We work with talents around the world. You can enrol with us as a Shawa-Mentor and teach on our platform or deliver your service for us as a Shawa-Partner.

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